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Plavac mali Špaleta Spaleta Plavac Mali Quality Wine 0,75 l

this authentic Plavac Mali wine has a ruby- red colour, a rich harmonious aroma and moderate tannins, all typical traits of the Kuna- Dracevica region where it comes from. The wine is rich in alcohol content, between 12,5- 13,5% vol. Its pleasant level of acidity of 5 g/l gives this wine a note of freshness particular of Plavac Mali.
plavac mali barrique Spaleta Plavac Mali Barrique Premium Wine 0,75 l

This Plavac Mali wine is produced from carefully selected grapes which grow on more than 40 year old vines. The grapes are harvested late in the season and the wine is left to mature in oak barrels. Its alcohol content varies between 14 – 15,5 % vol. While the level of acidityis between 4,6 – 4,8 g/l. This wine has a dark ruby colour,a full body and the strenght of raisins. The area where the vines grow is rich in minerals which contribute to the aroma of the wine and emphasise its robustness and personality.
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